Financial History

Educating Students. Saving  Taxpayers.

Thank you for your interest in Charter Day School, Inc. We are a North Carolina nonprofit corporation that is a tax exempt 501(c)3 organization. Your tax-deductible donations to Charter Day School, Inc. help us to educate our students,  assist us in providing the best in classroom materials, and allow us to better reward our dedicated teaching staff.

The independent accounting firm of PETWAY MILLS & PEARSON, PA has audited many charter schools since 1998 and audits CDS, Inc. schools under a state contract to the Board of Trustees in accordance with Government Auditing Standards and OMB Circular A- 133.

You may view the annual audits for our schools by following the links below. As you review these audits, please keep in mind that charter schools receive substantially less funding than traditional government-run schools. Nor do charter schools receive any separate funding for capital items such as land, buildings, buses, cafeterias, etc. which represents a huge saving to the tax paying public.

Nevertheless, CDS, Inc. maintains a healthy fund balance for possible emergencies and future investments.

Charter Day School, Leland

CDS Audit FYE June 2015

CDS Audit FYE June 2014

CDS Audit FYE June 2013

CDS Audit FYE June 2012

CDS Audit FYE June 2011

CDS Audit FYE June 2010

CDS Audit FYE June 2009

CDS Audit FYE June 2008

CDS Audit FYE June 2007

CDS Audit FYE June 2006

CDS Audit FYE June 2005

CDS Audit FYE June 2004

CDS Audit FYE June 2003

CDS Audit FYE June 2002

CDS Audit FYE June 2001

Columbus Charter School, Whiteville

CCS Audit FYE June 2015

CCS Audit FYE June 2014

CCS Audit FYE June 2013

CCS Audit FYE June 2012

CCS Audit FYE June 2011

CCS Audit FYE June 2010

CCS Audit FYE June 2009

CCS Audit FYE June 2008

Douglass Academy, Wilmington

DAC Audit FYE June 2015

DAC Audit FYE June 2014

South Brunswick Charter School, Bolivia

SBC Audit FYE June 2015

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