Request for Some Media Accuracy Delayed…

Below, please find our comment regarding a recent, inaccurate news story which can be found here:

Request for Some Media Accuracy Delayed…


One of the few accurate facts reported in this manufactured “news” story is that the motto of The Roger Bacon Academy is “Truth Survives.”

Rather than report balanced news on Charter Schools, some media obviously want Charter Schools to fail and will manufacture “news” that ignores the truth. It is false and misleading to report that any Charter School could “lose its charter” if The Roger Bacon Academy does not reveal certain information which the law obviously protects.

While some media prefer to cast The Roger Bacon Academy, its dedicated personnel or student families in a false or negative light, why not let the “Truth Survive?” For example:

1. The Roger Bacon Academy is in constant contact with the Office of Charter Schools, who has assured us that they have no specific requirements regarding any timeline for providing responses.
2. Charter Day School in Leland, managed by The Roger Bacon Academy, had the highest combined test scores and academic growth of any public school in Brunswick County.
3. Columbus Charter School, again managed by The Roger Bacon Academy, had the highest combined test scores and academic growth of any public school in Columbus County.
4. The 2013 audit for the NC Local Government Commission revealed that Charter Day School received only $7,399 per pupil compared to $10,156 per pupil received by Brunswick County, saving taxpayers over $2.5 million last year alone while better educating their students.
5. Even though Charter Day School receives zero taxpayer funds for school construction, it has zero ($0) long-term debt while Brunswick County taxpayers are on the hook for $72 Million in debt requiring additional annual debt service/interest payments of over $8 Million.
6. The Roger Bacon Academy Pop Warner girls Cheerleader Squad won the National Championship for the third straight year, and its Archery Team is the current NC state champion, as they have been for five consecutive   years.
7. For six years, Charter Day School, despite being a public school, has fully funded its own full-time Sheriff’s Deputy School Resource Officer – long before any other elementary school.
8. Charter Day School in Leland and Columbus Charter School in Whiteville each have over nine (900) hundred students enrolled for next year with over two (200) hundred more students on waiting lists; a total of more than two (2000) thousand students whose first choice is a school managed by The Roger Bacon Academy.
9. Charter Day School and Columbus Charter School, managed by The Roger Bacon Academy, are the only NC charter schools to ever earn the NC Department of Labor’s prestigious “Gold Award” for achieving and maintaining outstanding safety records.
10. Charter Schools managed by The Roger Bacon Academy attract the best and brightest Teachers in North Carolina and surrounding states.

The media should reject fake “news” and, instead, ask traditional educators why The Roger Bacon Academy is able to save NC taxpayers millions of dollars each year while better educating thousands of students. For NC families who choose Charter Schools, “Truth Survives” while taxpayers wait for some media to report the real story.

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