* Student Admission and Leave Procedures

ENROLL ONLINE for 2017-2018

Charter Day School is a free, public school open to all children in the State of North Carolina.
No fees or tuition are ever charged for admission.

CDS School Features

  • Tuition-free, open enrollment, K-8 public school.
  • Scenic, 66-acre campus in Brunswick County, just fifteen minutes from downtown Wilmington.
  • Earned national 2016 Wesley Becker Excellent School Award.
  • Outperformed surrounding district’s End-of-Grade test average by 16.4 percentage points in the most recently published NCDPI reports.
  • Frequently the county’s top scorer on state End-of-Grade tests.
  • Diverse student population, including 12% special needs students, 21.4% non-white students, and 37.6% low economically disadvantaged students.
  • Uses research-based, proven Direct Instruction teaching method.
  • Proven, rigorous Classical curriculum.
  • Offers Latin, Cursive, Composition, Public Speaking, Debate, and Drama components.
  • Intensive new-hire training.
  • Continuous in-service monitoring to evaluate and optimize instruction.
  • Accelerated learning program reviews individual student performance data to promote qualifying students to advanced studies on a subject -by-subject basis.
  • Prioritizes the use of positive reinforcement in teaching and classroom management.
  • Student uniforms and professional teacher dress requirements.
  • On-site educational before and after school care program.
  • Outstanding extracurricular activities:
    • Current, 9-time National Champion Cheer squad
    • Current, 7-time State Champion Archery team
    • Football, Basketball, Softball
  • Year-round schedule provides quarterly, three-week breaks for students.
  • Regular parent surveys conducted.
  • Annual, third-party financial audits conducted.

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