Frank Deals Fundraiser

The Charter Day School will present the Frank Deals Fundraiser as our primary fundraiser event beginning August 13. 2012. The Frank Deals Card is the leading fundraiser product in our area and we are very pleased to bring Frank Deals to our families.

About the Frank Card: It is the next generation of the coupon book. The Frank Card is much more convenient and offers a greater value. With over 400 local businesses in Wilmington, Leland, Shalotte, and Southport, there are always great deals that save you money every day. The Frank Card is only $25 for a full 365 days of use, and The Charter Day School will receive $12.50 from the sale of every card sold.

Benefits of the Frank Card:

  • Register your Frank Card online at and set up your own private website to track your savings and get advance notice of daily deals.
  • A free mobile app with every registered Frank Card.
  • Keep up with the latest deals at
  • Travel with the Frank Card. It is good in Raleigh too.
  • It is so convenient to carry the Frank Card. It fits easily in your back pocket.
  • Be sure to notice the Frank Deals Stickers in the windows of businesses near you.
  • Frank is a Llama, and llamas are very cool.

Where to purchase a Frank Card: The Frank Card is only available from school fundraisers, or online on Check out our Charter Day School website under Fundraisers. It is a large banner logo with a direct link to our website. Anyone can purchase a Frank Card at any time of year and support the Charter Day School.

We hope you are enjoying your summer, and we are looking for the best year ever at the Charter Day School.

Frank Deals … PO Box 1430 Wrightsville Beach NC 28480 … (888) 403-7265

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